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Series of poems exchanged between poets via e-mail

# 1

INCIDENT REPORT Covid is a vampire Created in Frankenstein’s Laboratory In Wuhan Covid is no bomb Ba bomb ba bomb Ba Boom Covid is a silent assassin Even god can’t see it I’m not good at chess But this is another end game Another another I don’t know what the bible says But I sure there’s a prophecy or two I want to wear a mask That makes me invulnerable A super hero with his super crew Covid is killing me but I love the changes I’m in the target zone I’m staying home Walking a lot Talking on the telephone Reading and writing poems In the age of the unbelievable In the age of the unspeakable There’s always a new effigy To evoke a spirit Chanting between the past and dreams A love for me A love for you A love supreme A love supreme A love supreme

- John Knoll

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We have been hard at work on several upcoming releases.

Mid-March we have two books of poetry coming out.

Natural Anthems by Michael Cartright and Bob in the Basement by Dave Ashmore

This has been an exciting project, as we were brainstorming for upcoming books we realized that even though they were not in communication in or around 2005, both Dave and Michael went on a creative binge inspired by listening to the music of Robert Pollard and Guided by Voices. It was like a telepathic art project.

We are super jazzed for our April offering, Santa Fe poet John Knoll chose us to publish a book of stories and poems. We are loving the process of working with John, he is teaching us so much and magic is in the air.

Last, but not least, we have been sorting out our May Day Reading at the Bookhouse Cinema in Joplin on Friday, May 1st. Michael and Dave have produced two broadsides that will only be offered at the reading in a limited run. This is going to be a great night of music and poetry. Make Plans Now!!

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