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Auxarczen Press is a small press created in 2019 by the husband and wife team of Jennifer and Michael Cartright. Jennifer had completed a book project for an acquaintance and wanted to begin work on a book of her husband's poetry. Michael had always had an interest in small poetry presses and graphic design, so another marriage was born. Jennifer received a camera as a gift a couple years later, gears further meshed, and they found themselves in a swirl of creativity.


Jennifer's talents as an editor and book designer are impressive, but have taken a back seat to her natural skill as a photographer. One only needs to visit to know that statement to be true.

This journey brought Michael full circle in the publishing tradition that began with the Venice West poets in late fifties California. This collective of poets, painters, and musicians formed a cooperative that supported one another with small presses, galleries and performance spaces. Dave Ashmore gifted this tradition to Michael in 1985 upon returning from Denver, Colorado where he had made the connection with Tony Scibella, Frank Rios, Larry Lake, John Macker, and Ed Ward. Another tribe was formed. Auxarczen's mission statement never had to be written, we gladly carry this torch. 

Origins of the Auxarczen moniker — in the mid-eighties, two friends were having a discussion about the Springfield, Missouri band The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, specifically one of the four songwriters in the band, Larry Lee. His songs cut right through the muck and transported you to a peaceful place, a place of zen. We arrived at Ozark Zen, the french explorers who mapped the area settled on Aux Arcs. I carried the phrase with me for a few years and eventually used it in a poem and when it came time to publish again, it was obvious what the name of the press would be. Sometime later, while we were reading the acknowledgments in the liner notes to their album Men From Earth, we see a thank you to Lew Welch, another circle complete. It couldn’t be better, thanks Kyle. 

Once Made in Missouri & now Made in Motion — thanks for stopping by,

                                                                 Jennifer and Michael Cartright



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