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Michael Cartright
Lives in the Ozark Highlands of Southwest Missouri.  He has devoted forty years to the study of poetry and music.  He once described his poems as frames of film, momentary photographs.  The odd rhythms and beats in the poems are driven by his interest in jazz music. American language, as it is spoken by the natives, is a feature of his poems with a focus on the accuracy of the frames clicking by. 
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Dave Ashmore / dasho
Bides his time as a multi-dimensional multi-media artist & poet living in southwestern Missouri.  He has an obsessive habit of sync-cruising endless backroads with his buddy Steve, dreams in 24 frames per second & hears a full cast of strange voices in perfect harmony. 
He thinks it's all for the birds. 
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John Courtney

Born, raised and writes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has driven tractor trailers across the United States for 15 years covering nearly two million miles. He has seen a lot of things and one day hopes to see every thing. That is what he writes about. 

His cat is named Jeffers.


Jason Brown

A husband and father of two, he continues to fight off the cynicism of a police career through his love of music and poetry in his long-time home of Albuquerque, New Mexico. With family roots in Southwest Missouri, running westward to his place of birth in Oklahoma, origins and eternity are a central theme in his poems. He thrives off the rhythm and duality the American language provides. 


John Macker

John, grew up in Colorado and studied journalism at the University of Missouri. He has
published 10 full-length books of poetry, 2 audio recordings and several broadsides and
chapbooks over 30 years. His most recent are Atlas of Wolves, The Blues Drink Your Dreams
Away, Selected Poems 1983-2018, (a 2019 Arizona/New Mexico Book Awards finalist), Gorge
Songs (with Denver woodblock artist Leon Loughridge), Blood in the Mix (with El Paso poet
Lawrence Welsh) and part three of his “Badlands” trilogy, Disassembled Badlands published by
Colorado’s Turkey Buzzard Press, 2014. His books were featured in the Colorado State
Historical Society exhibit, Mile High and Underground, featuring 30 years of Denver art and
poetics. In the mid 1990’s he edited the award-winning HARP Arts Journal in Glenwood
Springs, Colorado. He has received 2 Pushcart Prize nominations and in 2006 won Mad Blood
magazine’s first annual literary prize. That same year he edited the Desert Shovel Review. He
has received the James Ryan Morris Memorial (Tombstone) Award for poetry and a Colorado
Council on the Arts grant. In 2019, won a Fischer Poetry Prize finalist award, sponsored by the
Telluride Institute. His recent prose and essays on poets and poetics have appeared in
Albuquerque’s Malpais Review (where he was contributing editor), Cultural Weekly, as it ought
to be magazine, Miriam’s Well, Mad Swirl, Manzano Mountain Review and Lummox Journal.
For the last 24 years, he has lived in Northern New Mexico.

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Winner of the 2021 
New Mexico-Arizona
Book Award
Fiction Anthology
Desert Threnody 
John Macker
Auxarczen Press

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