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In the Time of Virus

Series of poems exchanged between poets via e-mail

# 1

INCIDENT REPORT Covid is a vampire Created in Frankenstein’s Laboratory In Wuhan Covid is no bomb Ba bomb ba bomb Ba Boom Covid is a silent assassin Even god can’t see it I’m not good at chess But this is another end game Another another I don’t know what the bible says But I sure there’s a prophecy or two I want to wear a mask That makes me invulnerable A super hero with his super crew Covid is killing me but I love the changes I’m in the target zone I’m staying home Walking a lot Talking on the telephone Reading and writing poems In the age of the unbelievable In the age of the unspeakable There’s always a new effigy To evoke a spirit Chanting between the past and dreams A love for me A love for you A love supreme A love supreme A love supreme

- John Knoll

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