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Jennifer Cartright

Today's poet is one of the founding members of auxarczen

Dave Ashmore / dasho


Bides his time as a multi-dimensional, multi-media artist & poet living in Southwestern Missouri. He has an obsessive habit of sync-cruising endless backroads with his buddy Steve, dreams in 24 frames per second & hears a full cast of strange voices in perfect harmony.

He thinks it's all for the birds.


Where do I even begin to explain Dave? I guess the best way to start is to say I will never be able to explain Dave or his art, but I adore both. Dave lives on a higher plane of consciousness than most of us. He is a true artist, able to filter his surroundings through his artistic lens and has tackled most art forms and is outstanding at them all. He is a painter, poet, playwright, collage artist, filmmaker, actor and so much more. I met him in the fall of 1984 during the rehearsals for a college play and was blown away by his voice and stage presence. In the spring of 1985, he knocked on Michael’s door and said, “I hear you write poetry.” That sentence started a collaboration that continues today. In the summer of 2019, after 25 years of being separated by life, Michael knocked on his door and said, “Let’s get back to work.” and auxarczen was born.

Since August, we have been working diligently to get auxarczen off the ground, enjoying every minute of our work together. We have vowed to never let life get in the way of creating together ever again. I know without a doubt you will be just as impressed with his voice and his presence as I was those 36 years ago.


Wanting more than

was ever needed

not what was sought out

but how it was

actually achieved

some Howard Hawks

TCM another & again

your favorite

loneliest holy hole

checked into

from out of time

you win some

to suffer losing

As it waltzes in

to noir parties

you can go

into wild wool

& shootin' irons

into wilding

a little too close to home


home again

jiggity jog

insulting whistle

to get to whale

songs billowed up

from deepest


harpoon & chain

Then home again

you say

But when & where

this party roaming

over edges


liminal spaces

cemetery graces

tattered flowers

flung to winds

of so-called timeline

So where?

do you

do we

To when?


forever again?

again & again


Whatever boats you

O'er the river again

Where no postcard left to endure it

Beyond ending

No endearing friendship left

To test, to taste

Beyond water of life

Nor take another aging step

Nor breathe it in


& for free

As once again

To the next

As all things go away


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