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Jason Brown

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Base Coach

Incessant athletic field dust in the grooves of my fingerprints

I looked up into the orange horizon this evening and back down to my task

“I’ve never done this before”, I thought as I pushed the chalk line cart down a crooked base line

I recall this later from the orange horizon of a glass of beer in my living room

I washed my hands of it

When I played the game as a kid, I always took notice of those dads

They used to drag the infield with chain link remnants on a rope

Their jeans were tighter and their skin was whiter

But they seemed to love it more than I do

But not for the pause for the geometry of the batter’s box

I might have overlooked looking myself in the mirror

“I’ve never done this before”, I thought as I sucked the coke line into my brain

I recall this from another life—from another womb

It’s a dirty sport, this living

And I’m wetting down the pathways for all the junkies stealing home and stealing homes

And I’ll never wear the boring rounded caps you wear

Stargell and Pryor and other influences dare

My headwear stunning and cylindrical and pinstriped

As yellow as the whites of my eyes and taking the biggest lead you’ll ever see

Good luck to you, Stretch

It’s a Pirate’s life for me

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